KH Group
– a bold pioneer

KH Group is a profitably growing Nordic conglomerate that develops its business operations with a long-term perspective, thus creating value for its shareholders.

The desire to do things better led KH Group to initiate a change in strategy. We have transformed from a private equity investment company into a conglomerate. In the future, our objective is to create an industrial group that focuses on the business of the earth-moving machinery supplier KH-Koneet.

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From private equity investor to owner

Private equity investments in new industries are no longer part of our strategy. We will continue to develop all of our business areas as planned. In the future, we will focus on the earth-moving machinery business and divest other business areas at the optimum stage in terms of value creation. The proceeds from the divestments are intended to be used primarily for acquisitions supporting the earth-moving machinery business area and for dividends.


KH Group started operating at the beginning of 2012, when the then Sievi Capital Plc was divided into two separate listed companies, the investment company Sievi Capital and the contract manufacturing group Scanfil. Sievi Capital’s investment focus was gradually shifted from diversified investments to private equity, and since the end of 2017, the company’s investments have consisted exclusively of private equity investments.

Following the strategy change published in December 2022, the company initiated a transformation from a private equity investment company into a conglomerate and changed its name to KH Group in May 2023.

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