KH Group as an investment

KH Group Plc is a Nordic conglomerate operating in business areas of KH-Koneet, Indoor Group and Nordic Rescue Group. We are a leading supplier of construction and earth-moving equipment, furniture and interior decoration retailer as well as rescue vehicle manufacturer. The objective of our strategy is to create an industrial group around the business of KH-Koneet.

In line with our strategy, we strive for value creation in all of our business areas, and we will continue their active development as before. In the future, our aim is to divest the business areas outside earth-moving machinery at the optimum stage in terms of value creation. KH Group’s shareholders will benefit from the restructuring of the conglomerate and the transparency it brings to the value of the whole.

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We create value through active ownership

We support the execution of growth strategy across business areas and provide diverse expertise and experience for business development.

We ensure that the business area management has sufficient resources and supplement them, if necessary.

Responsibility principles are part of KH Group’s decision-making process and operating practices. We are committed to responsibility in all our business operations.

We invest in growth, reinforce the organic growth path and actively assess acquisition opportunities.

Our business areas

KH Koneet
Earth-moving machinery supplier

Furniture and interior decoration retailer

Nordic Rescue Group
Rescue vehicle system supplier