KH Group as an owner

In accordance with the new strategy, we will continue to actively develop our business areas as before. In the future, our aim is to divest the business areas outside earth-moving machinery at the optimum stage in terms of value creation.

We value through active ownership

We support the execution of growth strategy across business areas and provide diverse expertise and experience for business development.

We ensure that the business area management has sufficient resources and supplement them, if necessary.

Responsibility principles are part of KH Group’s decision-making process and operating practices. We are committed to responsibility in all our business operations.

We invest in growth, reinforce the organic growth path and actively assess acquisition opportunities.

A responsible owner

Responsibility and ethical practices are an essential element in our operations and the development of our business areas. The principles for responsible investment have been integrated into KH Group’s investment decision-making process and ownership practices. KH Group considers it important to understand the long- and short-term risks and opportunities related to target companies’ environmental, social and corporate governance aspects.

As the strategy change progresses, KH Group’s sustainability efforts will be given an ever higher priority.