Financial information

Key financial indicators

Operating profit, MEUR-10,120,211,716,016,3
Net profit for the period, MEUR-8,218,49,912,813,5
Equity, MEUR85,193,577,378,167,0
Balance sheet total, MEUR109,3113,583,581,579,8
Personnel, average57544
Return on equity-%-9,221,612,717,722,5
Gearing, %14,98,6-11,1-41,24,9
Earnings per share, EUR-0,140,320,170,220,23
Dividend per share, EUR(1)0,000,000,040,040,18
Net asset value per share, EUR1,471,611,331,351,16

(1) 2018 number includes extra dividend (0.15 €/share) paid in February 2020. 2022 dividend is the Board of Directors’ proposal for the distribution of profit.

Financial targets and dividend policy

Financial targets

  • Return on equity of at least 13% in the long term
  • Gearing at the maximum 20%

Dividend policy

  • The target for the next couple of financial years is to invest in core business and pay dividends after major divestments within the set guidelines from the balance sheet structure and financial contracts.
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