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Financial Information in 2024

21.3.2024Release of the 2023 Financial Statements Bulletin
Week 13Annual Report for 2023
7.5.2024Business Review January-March 2024
16.8.2024Half Year Report January-June 2024
1.11.2024Business Review January-September 2024

All financial reviews will be published in Finnish and in English approximately at 8 o’clock.

KH Group’s Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on 7 May 2024. The Board of Directors will summon the meeting at a later stage.

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Silent Period

KH Group adheres to a 30-day silent period preceding the publication of periodical financial reports. During the period, the company will not comment on its financial position or business development. If an event during the silent period requires immediate publication, KH Group will publish the information without delay in accordance with regulations regarding the disclosure obligation and can comment on the event in question.


The goal of the company’s communications is to provide the market with all the relevant information needed to determine the share price and, for their part, to ensure that the company’s management and the market have a consistent view of the company’s operations and future. KH Group Plc’s communications practices implement its key communications principles: timeliness, simultaneity, openness, consistency, continuity and transparency.

All the information that must be disclosed pursuant to listed companies’ disclosure obligation is published on the company’s website. The company maintains and updates its website so that investors and shareholders have access to the latest information about the company. KH Group Plc has a Disclosure Policy that includes the company’s key communications principles and channels.

KH Group Plc provides regular information on its financial results in accordance with the provisions and guidelines of the Securities Markets Act and the Financial Supervisory Authority by publishing the financial statements and the Financial Statements Release, the Half-Year Report and Business Reviews for the first and third quarters. KH Group Plc will disclose all information that may have a significant impact on the price of the company’s financial instrument to Nasdaq Helsinki, the main media and the company’s stakeholders simultaneously and as soon as possible, as required by the Transparency Directive and the Market Abuse Regulation.

The goal of KH Group Plc’s communications is to support the company’s strategy by increasing interest in the company as an investment and as a developer of target companies. The main goal of investor communications, investor relations and financial reporting is to support the correct pricing of KH Group Plc’s financial instruments by providing accurate, sufficient and relevant information about KH Group Plc’s financial situation, operations, operating environment, strategy and objectives.