As a result of the strategy reform initiated by the Board of Directors of Sievi Capital, the company will change its operations from a private equity company to a diversified group that concentrates its operations around the KH-Koneet Group, which it owns.

The structural change will proceed gradually in the coming years, and the development of other portfolio companies will continue as before.

By decision of the Annual General Meeting, the company will be named KH Group Oyj.

Our Story

Sievi Capital is known as a reliable growth partner for Finnish companies. As a venture capitalist that has helped numerous companies realize their dreams of growth.

But what is our dream of the future? Can we do something better, more sustainably and patiently?

Even though the world around us seems to be securing its position, we are boldly making a big change: we are concentrating the expertise we have accumulated over the years in one industry and transforming from a private equity company into an industrial group.

Urbanisation is putting pressure on civil engineering, infrastructure investment and property management services. We want to be in the driver’s seat in the industry’s development.

We already hold the keys to success: KH-Koneet Group’s strong profitability, flexible business model and comprehensive services provide a solid foundation for growth in the Nordic countries.

Through acquisitions and the development of operations, we can create new kinds of services and ownership and leasing models that support entrepreneurship and create jobs. As a pioneer, we can accelerate the green transition in construction and make machinery trade even more responsible.

Our own dream of the future is based on sustainable ownership, where long-term growth in shareholder value prevails over the hunt for quick returns.

The machine is already running and our sleeves are rolled up. The transition from investor to owner has begun.

Sievi Capital is now KH Group.

Join us as a part of our shared future.